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Coed Dyffryn Children’s Pla

This discussion is about the House builder Persimmon. Persimmon built and sold their houses on false promises; the promises were  to  replace a ranch style fence that was supposedly to stop children accessing the river Cynon. The second promise and part of Persimmon’s marketing strategy was to provide a children’s play area and is evident by the area being shown on the marketing brochure.

Persimmon began building houses in the summer of 2010, a pumping station was already in place presumably to service the ASDA superstore.

persimmon began to build and sell houses and paid no respect to the fact that as houses were being bought and lived in; notwithstanding the extra sewage and surface drainage being generated, persimmon  neglected to update the previous installation; this caused some residents to suffer a backwash of sewage into their homes.

The building of new homes had since been completed some two years ago. The promised new Ranch style wood fences are now rotten and falling apart.

Coed Dyffryn residents have approached Persimmon and asked that they build the promised Children’s play area as displayed on their marketing brochure; the house builder replied that this was not possible due to a delay in updating the pump station. Excuse after excuse followed. The play area was turned into a dumping ground and is now as I write this discussion item is a veritable eyesore. Our AM Vikki Howells has taken this complaint further but Persimmon are not worried one iota!

further excuses appeared, the latest Being ASDA owned the road that services the retail outlets. The drainage system needs to be updated before Persimmon/Welsh Water will update the Pumping Station. ASDA people have communicated with our community Councillor Jeff Elliot and said work will begin sometime mid June. No sign of forewarnings such as the disruption to residents of Coed Dyffryn and Bus service customers who shop at ASDA store.

where will all this end? ITV Wales has filmed the eyesore and interviewed residents. We are waiting for the film to be edited and hopefully aired within a week or two.

i won’t hold my breath but I’ll carry on Campaigning.

Asda have stated that work will begin mid june, however what work they'll be doing is up for debate, it may not be a whole scale re-work and it's unclear I think as to which parts actually need updating. Personally I think it's an excuse by Persimmons on minor issues that Asda have neglected, but issues nevertheless that Persimmons could overcome on their own if they wished.


Definitely a concerning matter. I would point out the sales of goods act. Goods including houses, must be sold fit for purpose and as advertised (within reason, we're all aware of hyperbole), this means that if necessary they can be returned and the investor compensated for their other losses. I certainly appreciate that returning a house is not easy but I think it is the only way to get this big developers to take notice that house buyers aren't going to just roll over and accept the status quo simply because it might be hard to sit up and object.

Wales need a House Builders’ Ombudsman. Let us hire professional Snaggers examine the  property before we sign any contract. Up til now the builder can stop anyone gaining access to properties in view of finding potentially expensive faults.

I think it’s time that Wales had its own House builders Ombudsman. Maybe then, potential home owners would have some control over their environment and standard of workmanship of ‘craftsmen’. It is well known for a house builder to refuse permission for professional ‘snaggers’ to Inspect a property before the prospective owner signs on the dotted line.

House builders are getting away with shoddy dealings.

Well, the Coed Dyffryn saga finally went on air ITV Wales’ Rob Osborn phoned to tell me that the filming would be going on air Saturday 21st at 6:05pm

well, the children of Coed Dyffryn did a grand job, they certainly weren’t camera shy and told it as it is, it’s a pity certain Senior Politicians couldn’t do so themselves.

The next phase is to really find out who owns the road that services the retail park and Coed Dyffryn. Land Registry plans outline ASDAs main building Carpark and Filling Station. So! Until the road is updated in regards to drainage etc the fly in the ointment is the Pumping Station. But according to ASDAs own people (not seen any proof of it) the works to the said road should have started mid June; it’s now well past mid July.  Not a peep!

capitalism in the UK is getting beyond DEMOCRACY! Money rules absolutely! But we press on regardless. Fingers and toes crossed.