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So how did everyones Christmas go? was it like the town where I live no Christmas lights, nope, not one, just a scabby scruffy tree, this was a town that had been Scrooged. The small villages had lovely display of street lights and lovely tall full trees with an array of coloured lights, felt so let down by the town. But it did not end there oh no, houses were even banned from lighting up their houses as it was a pollution hazard, ever heard the like, and when asked why no Christmas joy they blamed Health and Safety Rules. Ah well maybe next year. So come on tell me about your Christmas Joy in your town where ever you live.

Wow, talk about a scrooged Christmas, what about New Year in Cardiff, girls walking about in just their knickers, what happened did Cardiff have something the rest of the country did not have? a heat wave. Mind you wish I looked like that lol even in my hay day looked nothing like that he he PC Samuels would have had me banged up quick and wow could you imagine going to Chapel the following Saturday.

My Xmas was quiet, just in the middle of taking my decorations down at the moment. Oh and the Xmas lights in Aberdare won 1st prize, they were wonderful, (not) lol. Honestly Aberdare really is the forgotten town. Its a shame that there were hardly any lights in town. They could do with having some beautiful Xmas lights all the way through the town.

It is a pity these councils still do not realise that it would be to their benefit to put nice show of lights leading up to Christmas, if there is one thing that will bring people to the town centre is lovely show of lights.

All other towns around had lovely lights Caernarfon was like Cardiff had a big wheel, candle lit procession, and even an icering, people went from miles around, shops stayed open and people did shopping, but not our town, honestly never seen such a scabby tree whats the points of tree and no lights have to laugh.

It is a shame that they dont do nice lights etc. The town would definately benefit from it.

There was one thing which I thought was lovely here in Aberdare though, in the Dare Valley Country Park they had Santa and Reindeers, it was so cute to see. It is so lovely to see Real Reindeers with Santa.

Bet that looked nice, the kids love things like that.

i took the baby to the parade which was rubbish, but i enjoyed the reindeer. the lights in aberdare are so dim that i didnt even realise that they had been switched on and asked the other half to go back to town and take pics of them lol

Maybe the town decoration is crap at Christmas because so many shop out of town. Well lets face it you have to.
Thank God for Argos.

And Lisa - try getting to the Country Park without a car and a little one in a buggy in an old bus.........

I agree CP. It must be hard going over to the Country Park without a car. I know the Reindeers make an appearance in the town but not for too long.