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I have just had confirmation regarding the so called Traffic Monitoring Cameras that were erected recently in the Email below.

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Mr Staple,

I can confirm that the cameras you refer to have nothing to do with RCT public space surveillance, and images are not being relayed to the central control room. Therefore I am unable to assist with your enquiry. Please feel free to use my response if you wish to pursue the matter further with Customer services....

Kind Regards,

Wayne Bluck

CCTV/Security Senior Officer

Community & Children’s Services Group

Sardis House Pontypridd


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I expect they were looking for road tax dodgers and anything else they can make money out of the motorist

I'm just wondering if the cameras you are talking about are the ones which were installed temporarily on lampposts, attached to black boxes recently along the A4059 in Mountain ash? I believe these are monitoring traffic numbers. I have complained to the Welsh Assembly Government on 3 occasions in the last year, the latest to Carwyn Jones directly regarding the unacceptable time it is taking these days for us valley folk to get to work (if you work in Cardiff that is). The majority of employment is in Cardiff, yet nothing has been done to the infrastructure for decades to enable people to commute easily. Not sure if these cameras were partly as a result of this or not, but if they were, they were put there at the wrong time of year as even though it is still busy, the true picture can be seen from October through to May. So I suggest they do any surveying during those months to get a true picture as to how much the roads are congested.

Yes Geraint As you are aware I have been highlighting this problem for years not so much now as I am retired and don't use the road at peak times.

It is a major problem for people working outside Cynon Valley having to sit in a traffic que on a daily bases, Blaengwawr school site I have been informed houses will be built on the site and also the Phurnacite land all leading to an increase in traffic out of Cynon Valley like you I know highway infistructure in Cynon Valley needs improvement