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babies 1st

just thought i'd let you all know that jacob cut his 1st tooth today i'm soooooooo excited. my other half thinks i'm mad for being excited but like i said all babies 1st are moments to treasure. he is 6 months old and says nothing but dad, dad, dad lol. like i explained to him we were excited with his 1st smile and the 1st time he laughed and the 1st time he said dad. we even thought it was great the 1st time he realised he had hands and sat there hor hours just staring at them lol.

and cutting his 1st tooth is in with all those 1st's its a special moment. and he hasn't even played up with them so i'm very lucky.

sorry to ramble on i'm just soooooooooo excited and wanted to tell the world lol

Yes, it's a lovely time seeing the changes that take place in a child of that age.
He's mumbling dad, dad, dad, eh. Let us know when he mumbles mam, mam, mam.
Ho Ho Ho! I bet he's spoilt already.

very spoilt lol still trying to work out where to put all his christmas prezzies, but i'm being crafty and when i go over my mams i take a prezzie to show her and accidentally forget about it and end up leaving it there so that i can make more room in my house lol.

mam mam mam yeah right i dont think he'll say that ever lol when ever he says dad dad dad i always say mam mam mam to him and he just laughs, the little bugger lol.

awww i cant believe how old he is already, they grow up so fast. Good to see you bunny.

nice to see you too lisa, and everyone else

Yes, im so glad everyone is back on line now, havent seen Nem though?? would be great to catch up with Nem.

Anyone heard from Nem lately, come on Nem where are you?