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baa baa the sheep have done it again

vote labour you know it makes sense

Yep, totally agree. Let's face it, Ann Clwyd is well past her sell by date, but yet again people of this valley have voted for her, despite the fact her allegiance is with foreign countries rather than her own constituency. I used to vote labour, but haven't done so for a number of years now. She has been riding the crest of the sheep wave for years, and continues to do so. Expect more boarded up shops, nothing to be done with improvements with infrastructure, and all the money to go to Cardiff and stuff the valleys! But there again, did we really expect anything else in the land of sheep? When will people of this valley start thinking for themselves instead of voting the same people in just because their fathers, mothers, great grandparents dog, cat and rabbit voted for them!

When the people of the Welsh valleys treat their right to vote as a heirloom nothing will ever change. The memory of the Tonypandy riots of 1910 coupled with Margret Thatcher's decision of 1984 to take on the NUM still lingers on, even though the majority of the people of those eras have long gone.
The people of the United Kinkdom have forgiven the the atrocities committed by the Germans ww1 and ww2 as well as the Japanese in the Far East; but will happily drive their Nissans and BMWs and watch the news on their Japanese TV' .

It seems that we Welsh are driven by fear: 'we don't want the other side in do we? Look what happened in 1910 and 1984/1985.'

Yes it makes you think just what will it take for people to comprehend just voting for labour all the time is doing to the area.

Someone said on Twitter show me a safe labour seat and I will show you a deprived area. I think that sums up just voting for labour.

The result was predictable I wrote this back in January 2014

“Posted by Lewis on the 13th January 2014
A prediction next general election Ann Clwyd will be reinstated as a labour MP for Cynon Valley.
She has done nothing for her constituency in Cynon Valley has not spoken out against the cuts imposed by RCTC spent the summer working for Cameron on the English NHS well I suppose it’s a change for her from all the time she spent in Baghdad.
The National Assembly for Wales’s election 2016 will return a labour candidate for Cynon Valley
What has Chapman done for Cynon Valley? Again not spoken out against cut by RCTC.
I expect Labour will be the ruling party in RCT when the next local elections come around.
I don’t get the local paper anymore its just a jumble and little news so I don’t know if Plaid Cymru are inquiring about the ethics of some of the cuts and finding an alternative way of making savings they post little on the Internet.”

Ann Clwyd is what the people voted for and that’s what they got, this now gives a free hand to RCTC to do what they want also there will be cuts in services in local hospitals no opposition to question decisions made.

also notice that niel kinnock,got his son stephen into nice safe seat in "aberavon",they sure know how to pick them

Another career politician just like the 3 in RCT