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Approaching Abercynon A470 roundabout.

Afternoon all,


Bit of a gripe I'm afraid :)


Can't help but notice more and more drivers approaching the main Abercynon roundabout (on the A470) from Abercynon/Mountain Ash/Aberdare direction are using the left hand lane, but end up going fully around the roundabout ending up exiting the roundabout heading southboard on the A470.


According to the road markings, that left hand is for vehicles heading northbound on the A470 up to Merthyr and beyond, or over the bridge to Fiddlers Elbow roundabout, it's not to go southbound down to Pontypridd and beyond.


The right hand lane is for the southbound exit.


Or have the rules changed regarding the navigation of roundabouts ?, or is it simply a case of those drivers being idiots ?

Thanks, AM.
The Truth Is Out There

Yes, I've noticed this for years now.  They are either just reading the "A470" part if the road marking, and think they can go either direction, or do not know (or more likely do not take any notice) of the "N" and"S", meaning north bound and south bound respectivley.  The rules have not changed as far as roundabout are's just simply idiots who want to get that extra car ahead, no matter what the cost!  Of course, more and more of us have dashcams now, so any dangerous type driving can always be given as evidence to the police.  Proscutions have happened in this way.