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Aberfan Commemoration

Last night 21st October at precisely 9:15 pm Bandolero Country Music Club Penywaun Aberdare held a Trilogy that had an extra special meaning, Dave Williams, Nicola Bowen and John Pritchard the organisers of Bandolero put together a masterpiece; and that masterpiece commemorated that dreadful day when a Mountain of slag and slurry engulfed Pant Glas Primary School Aberfan killing 116 innocent children and 28 adults. The solemnness of the Trilogy began with the usual parade of standard bearers North—South and our own Welsh flag. Heads bowed the bearers solemnly made their way into the hall. Dave Williams read out in English a heartrending account of that fateful day October 21st 1966 followed by Nicola Bowen repeating it in Welsh. The trilogy culminated in the playing of recordings ‘it’s a Working Man I am and I Work Underground’. This was followed by David Alexander’s ‘The Price of Coal’ which recounts how mining communities have suffered over the many decades; even today our communities are continuing to be dismantled by government and corporations.

It's a good thing that we still remember about this tragedy. I believe it should be commemorated nationwide. Are there any photos/videos from the ceremony?



It should be made a national memorial day in Wales.