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Aberdare new school and the Aberdare bypass road

I have been surprised since the opening of the new school to find that no action has been taken by our local council to mitigate the risk of increased numbers of school children using the crossing point between the bottom of the Ynys fields and Violet Street, Aberaman.

you would have thought this potential for a tragic accident would have been taken into consideration when all the school feasibility studies were completed some time ago. Yet it seems that no improvements or alterations have been undertaken and so it is surely only a matter of time before something terrible happens here again.

Anybody walking across the bridge at this point at certain times of the day will be greeted by the sight of schoolchildren attempting to cross this road whilst traffic is approaching from both sides at up to 50mph (and that's if they are keeping to the speed limit).

Surely, the council needs to look at this sooner rather than later and either block off the gates which allows children to not take the slower but safer bridge option. Or they need to reduce the speed limit to 20 miles an hour when approaching the crossing and enforce it with a speed camera. Alternatively, they could reduce the speed limit, put up signs to warn motorists they are approaching a school crossing area and install a Pelicon crossing.

Surely I can't be the only thinking this is an accident waiting to happen.

I would certainly agree with blocking off the gates so that nobody is able to access the road, thereby forcing them to use the bridge.  That is what the bridge is there for at the end of the day.  I would favour this option over the speed limit one, because we are almost at grid lock now on our roads, so slowing traffic flow even further will cause even more grid lock.  

I brought this footpath up with the council before the school was open and RCTC informed me that footpath was not a safe route to school.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Safe Routes to Schools

Again I note your comments.  However, as you are aware, the footpath from Violet Street, Aberaman to the River Cynon, which is part of Footpath 61 Aberdare is not officially designated as a safe route to school.  The safe route is to follow the footway along Cardiff Road to Tinneys Roundabout, and cross the A4059 Aberdare By Pass at the new signal controlled crossing to access the school site.


In addition to inspecting Footpaths 19 and 21 Aberaman, I have asked the Rights of Way Team to inspect footpath 61 Aberdare to see if there is any easy improvements that can be made.


Yours sincerely


David Batten

Head of Leisure, Parks & Countryside


Kids will use this path because it is the shortest route to and from school if you live in Aberaman