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3rd Cwmaman Scouts

Good morning - Happy Saint David’s Day
I was wondering if anyone has any photographs/memories of the 3rd Cwmaman Scout Group. The only photo I’ve found is on the RCT Library Service Digital Archive – enter scouts in the search and the 3rd Cwmaman Scout Group is the first of 71 photos, but it’s the only one of the 3rd. (I’d give you the whole of the hyperlink address except it’s a very long one).
I was a member of the group for several years in the 1960’s – my love of natural history and the outdoors stems from that time. The scout hall at the side of the Shepherd’s & Institute has long gone. Our scout dens in the basement overlooked the two houses in Pwllfa Road, Mr Meredith, the blacksmith lived there - I vividly recall several occasions when he was shoeing horses: that pungent smell of fire and hoof & hair, the metallic clanging, ringing and tapping and the ponies snorting and whinnying, impatient for the job to be done!
The Scout Hall was used for a time as a Dance venue calling itself the Inner Sanctum – I wondering if anyone has memories/photos of these events.
Best of all, the Senior & Rover scouts owned a semi-detached cottage [a bit grandiose for what it was but…] It was off Bedlwyn Row [now demolished I believe] and up the hill from the back of Park View Terrace. The cottage had been given to the group by the Forestry Commission [I think]. The left hand cottage was permanently occupied by an old couple. We used our half for weekly meetings and weekend stays. What I loved about the place was that it had no running water or electricity (it did have an earth closet). Water was collected from a well at the side of the property and lighting was supplied by hurricane lanterns. Heating came from the wood burning open fire. The kitchen had two large cooking ranges that were taken on summer camps. It was the small side room that I liked most, it was a very simple, whitewashed room with several wooden chairs and housed our troop’s flags that were used on parades - we used it as a chapel.
I spent many a happy hour in that cottage – I’d be delighted to see if anyone has any photos from that time or share the memories of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ in the Valleys.