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£100k for Aberdare Park

So.. RCTCBC are making £100k available for Aberdare Park.


Is this going to be frittered away on short-term tittilations (overpriced 'hand-made organic wood' nesting boxes and the like.. if you get my drift) or is such a significant and possibly 'one-off' lump-sum going to be used to do something about the lake.. which is pretty much the main feature of the park.

Whilst I am a birdlover... the reason the pond resembles pea-soup is due to lack of in-flow of fresh water and the amount of suspended bird feaces contributed to by excess feeding by the public. Obviously there is a whole lot of silt and bird feaces in the basin of the pond which is stagnating and resulting in poor oxygen levels.. which becomes self-perpetuating as no plant life can survive in such conditions.

I appreciate this is a sensetive topic (as stated.. I am also a bird lover)... but the lake needs to be not just cleaned up for now, but also measures put in place to ensure it doesn't end up as equally filthy in 2-3 years time when funds won't be available.

So... is anyone the wiser as to how the funds are to be spent, or will someone 'in the know' make a handsome profit out of knocking up 'special' bird huts/boxes...

I remain a cynic... too much funding finds it's way into the hands of a select few around here.....