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Looking for Grandmother's birth mother


We have a family mystery - My grandmother was born in 1936 in a mother and baby home in Liverpool and put up for fostering in Wales until she was 7/8 and then ultimately for adoption.

We know from her birth certificate that the mother was called Catherine Williams, and she was listed as a domestic/general servant in Cwmbach, Aberdare. We have no idea how old she was at the time but we assume she was unmarried and relatively young. my family are very interested in what happened to her. My nan remembers her mum visiting her when she was little (before she was adopted) and seems to think she was in the women's land army during the war, but this can't be confirmed. 

Just thought I would post here in case anything in this story rings a bell with anyone, or has any suggestions of where we could look. We are at a bit of a dead end in our search. 



Hi Katie,  If you do not get any helpful response from this site, it may be worthwhile trying the 'Old Aberdare' or 'History of Aberdare' sites on Facebook which many of our locals use.  Best of luck in your search.



Hello Katie,

There was a general population census taken in 1939 (The 1939 Register) which can be checked online at Find My Past website, however this is a subscription site. If you have a local library they normally have free access to FMP on their computer, it may be worth checking to see if Catherine is back in service in Cwmbach  after the birth.I know this is a long shot as her name is a very common one. The register does give birth dates so you can narrow down the number of finds. Also, have you tried to obtain a copy of the adoption file ie if it was a legal adoption,might give further details about Catherine and her circumstances. Just a couple of suggestions to consider..It would be nice to hear of your progress, good luck