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Family History

If you are in to searching your Family History this is a great site to look on for help
They have a great photo restoration thread.

thanks BG will defiently have a look.

I had a look on the family history site .what a good job they make of the Retoration of photos . some very interesting photos on there , take care BG Trish

i have been tracing my tree.....phew hard work or

my lot needed to make their mind up....

when i was growing up, my fathers side were in Bristol and my mothers side here in Wales,but tracing back 4 generations it was actually the other way round.
i have now found out i have family in Abercynon, mountain ash, Hengoed, Llanbradach, plus another lot in west Wales, to name a few places, but trying to find out who they are is a nightmare....because most of the older generation who would remember people and connections have sadly passed on.

i do have some old piccis of my mother outside a school in mountain ash taken about 1918 tho.

actually thinking of it, is there anyone on here belonging to the Parkers?

You think it is tough,Ihave family trace from somerset to Aberare to Mountain Ash ,Gwent Llambradach Hereford Durham Isle of White,Canada Australia New Zealand Scotland, But you have some fun and also unexpected contacts, but it also Will drive you up the wall. I have found one cousin that I spoke to 55yr, ago and at that time I did not know that we were cousins, it is only in the last four months, in a search I was doing ,on another name, So stick with it,and good luck
Doug Oz

I am looking for anyone who knows or remembers anything about Curran Family (headed by Andrew and Catherine) lots of children. Lived at Maes Cynon in Hirwaun. My mother was their youngest daughter Josephine. Other sisters included Bridgetta, Eileen, Margaret, brothers Andrew and Tom.... Patricia later became Agnes and lived in Tramway. Son Andrew and sister Kathleen remained at the family home.

It will be a difficult search but I am looking forward to it. Help!

Hello to all my Welsh friends and poosible family. My grandmother was Charlotte Warren born in Mountain Ash. Last year I visited this beautiful area and was successful in locating my great grandparents graves at the Maes-yr-arian Cemetery in Mountain Ash. Thanks to the registrars office in Abredare. I need to know how to find the marriage record of my grandparents marriage. My grandfather's name was Frank Simmons and he was a miner and a lay minister of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church. It was after 1901 and before 1904. I do not know the actual wedding date. If anyone has any idea how to do this I would be so happy as I have hit the proverbial wall. I absolutely love the area and hope to one day return for another visit.
lubob in Canada

Hi lubob, by the look of things your grandparents were married in the June quarter of 1902 in Cardiff, I have them as Frank Simmonds and Charlotte Jane Warren. Volume 11a page 641. She was B; in the Dec quarter of 1881. Your g fathers name is spelt SimmmonDs.I'm fairly sure it's them because of the middle name of your mamgu (grandmother)which is Jane. Regards, dmj