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Clifford Davies Born 01/03/1944

Hi trying to find out about Clifford Davies born its March 1944 his mother was called Winifred.

Died on Friday 10th July 2015 and I have been asked to prepared a eulogy for his funeral as his step son in law.

If anyone remembers him and can fill in the blanks that would be very kind. I believe he went to Aberdare Grammar School and played rugby for London Welsh & Cardiff. but I am struggling.

Kind regards


I knew Clifford, he was in the same class as me in Aberdare Grammar having transferred from Mountain Ash Grammar. The last time I saw him was about 30 years ago when he lived in Godreaman, Aberdare. I am not aware that Clifford played rugby for London Welsh and Cardiff. It must me the right person because he is the same age as me and there was no other person of that name in my class. I was not a close friend of Clifford so I do not think I would be able to give you much information on him. I am sorry to hear that Clifford has died. Where was he living?

Hi thanks for this. He moved to Southampton in 1985. Are you able to tell me anything about his parents?

Hi, I am away from home for a few days so I am not able to speak to anyone who knew Clifford. I did not know Clifford's parents as I was not a close friend and did not live immediately near him. I believe he worked as an accountant with the local Council Transport Dept. I have not send Clifford since about the 1970's.