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Aberaman Street Parties celebrating end of WWII

Wonderful little film - seeing some of my neighbours - but best of all seeing my mother & Gran in the Glamorgan Street clip.
Aberaman residents may be interested to take a look at a 10-minute film made by Aberaman pharmacist Archie Bucknell Andrews in 1945. Archie filmed street celebrations in Aberaman after the end of World War 2. His shop was at 218 Cardiff Road, where a similar shop exists to this day. 

Clips show parties/parades on: Cardiff Road; Aberaman Junior School; Gladstone Street; Cynon Street and Brook Street among others.  I'm not absolutely sure of the last two streets mentioned but the film is well worth watching.

Thanks to The Aberdare Boys Grammar School site for finding this hidden gem.

The link is to be found on:

I found the link using Aberdare Online