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Aberdare EarthQuake

People state nothing happens in Aberdare.

Well after today its a different story.
Around 2.30pm on saturday 17th february 2018, aberdare locals felt the earth move.
Not much for houses to fall down, or things falling off the shelves but people felt a shake.
Some people around Aberdare felt the shudder, whilst others share their stories on social media, me including.

I was at my desk in my bedroom, and felt a a heavy atmospher, thought next door slammed the bedroom shut, or father in law downstairs shut some doors - cause the house does shake when doors are shut - but when i turned around to check on the cat who was sleeping on my bed, i saw my clothes that were hanged on my wardrobe door sway, so thought it was something else.
checked social media and yeah it was an earthquake.
so the lovely queen of the valley-aberdare- does have good things happening, even though shops are closing, we have now made it into history books/sites that aberdare felt an earthquake.