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Young volunteers awarded for their skills


An eight-year old St John Wales volunteer, who used her first aid skills when a friend was taken seriously ill at school, has been commended for her actions at St John Wales’ National Youth Awards.

Isobel Hill from Griffithstown was named Badger of the Year at the event after she revealed how she’d used her first aid skills on numerous occasions, including treating a friend who fainted in the toilet at school, and treating her Mum when she burnt herself on a boiling cup of tea.

Isobel was one of three young volunteers from south east Wales who were awarded for the work they do with the country’s leading first aid charity, following a weekend of first aid competitions and interviews.

15-year-old India Harrison from Pontypool was also named Cadet of the Year and 25-year-old Hywel Davies from St John Wales’ Gwent region was named Young Adult of the Year, for their hard work and commitment to the charity.

Isobel, India and Hywel will now go on to represent Wales’ youth members, of which there are more than 3000 across Wales.

Isobel said, “I am so happy and proud to be named Badger of the Year! I’ve been a member of St John Wales since I was five and I love going to my group, meeting my friends, learning first aid skills and getting badges for my uniform.

“Being Badger of the year will mean I get to go to big events with St John – last year’s badger went to the Welsh Assembly to show the politicians what we do, so that’s really exciting!”

Damian James, St John Wales’ Director of Youth said, “The honour of being badger, cadet and young adult of the year means Isobel, India and Hywel will act as ambassadors for the younger members of St John and will ensure their voices are heard and their needs are met.

“Our members are based all over Wales and young volunteers from all divisions were nominated, so it’s quite remarkable that all three winners come from our Gwent region – and just shows how passionate the youth leaders are in this area.”

St John Wales’ International Youth Awards are supported by the Gosling Foundation. The Sir Donald Gosling Youth Bursary supports St John Wales’ disadvantaged younger volunteers who may need funding to assist their training, trips or to purchase their uniform.

St John Wales’ vision is to have a first aider on every street in Wales.

Click the link to join a volunteer group in your area.

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