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Yet more bad news for patients under Welsh Labour Government


Rarely a week goes by without a bad news story on the Welsh NHS. Whilst patients are suffering and morale amongst staff dropping then the Welsh Labour party are it seems only concerned with mud slinging. They accuse the Westminster coalition of using the poor state of the NHS as a stick to beat them with - hasn't it occurred to them that the best way to stop that happening is to take their heads out of the sand, admit there are problems, and start putting things right?
Today Wales Online reports on stats which show that nearly 15,400 people were waiting more than 36 weeks to start NHS treatment at the end of February. This despite a Welsh Labour Government target that no one should wait that long.
Whilst the figures show a slight improvement on the previous month it is still a damning indictment of the state of the NHS in Wales under Labour. The Health Minister says he is looking at revising the targets - just as he has with the ambulance response times. Yet this is not going to solve any of the problems.
Wales Online has more bad news about the waiting times for life-saving diagnostic tests which are far longer in Wales than the rest of the UK.
In Wales more than four in 10 wait more than six weeks before they are assessed, whereas in England fewer than two in one hundred people wait a similar length of time for diagnostic treatment - which includes MRI scans, CT scans and cystoscopies.
Statistics published by the Welsh Government show that 42% of people in Wales wait for six weeks for diagnostic tests, compared to just 1.8% in England and 3.8% in Scotland.
Yet rather than admit there are problems and look at ways to deal with them the Labour party are demonstrating their usual ostrich mentality, burying their heads in the sand and refusing to take responsibility.
Take Pontypridd MP Owen Smith for example. He appears not to have noticed any problems whatsoever and is instead concentrating on attacking the Tories for daring to criticise the way Labour are running the NHS into the ground here. Still at least he is saying something, the same cannot be said for the AMs in RCT who are part of the ruling Labour group in Wales.
How can we ever expect improvement if the people in charge refuse to see the problems to begin with? Still I am sure the people who voted them in on their promise of 'Standing up for Wales' and providing health care fit for the 21st century.
Karen Roberts




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