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A Year of Arrears and Evictions


Party of Wales Calls Again to Scrap the Bedroom Tax, One Year On

A year after it was introduced, the Party of Wales has called once again for the Bedroom Tax to be scrapped. As it argued its case, the Party of Wales highlighted figures which show that the number of people in arrears has rocketed while the number of empty properties across Wales has increased dramatically.

Plaid Cymru’s housing spokesperson Jocelyn Davies called once again on the Welsh Government to adopt a no-evictions policy, arguing that such a policy would actually save Local Authorities money in the long term.

Plaid Cymru’s Housing spokesperson Jocelyn Davies said:

“Plaid Cymru has always rejected the penal Bedroom Tax, and we have campaigned tirelessly since its introduction for its abolition. We have also in the past called on the Welsh Government to adopt a no-evictions policy so that no family is turned out of their homes as a result of this cruel policy.

“The Bedroom Tax has led to an increase in rent arrears, evictions and repossessions in Wales, and created untold misery to families who face losing their home as a result of it. Ironically, it has led to an increase in empty social houses with more and more people forced into homelessness.

“Indeed it will not even save money, with Community Housing Cymru estimating the cost of re-adapting smaller homes for use by disabled people as £15 million alone. That is before we factor in the cost of having to evict people through the courts only to then re-house them in other houses, or in more expensive private rented sector accommodation.

“Plaid Cymru has put forward positive proposals to mitigate the effects of this policy in Wales, and we will continue to work hard to ensure that it is eventually scrapped.”

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