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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Will WRU boss fare better as City Region Chair?


In the WRU annual report 2013 Chief Executive Roger Lewis wrote:
"On joining the WRU in 2006 I said that rugby defines us a nation, unites us as a nation, and as a union of clubs we will continue to stand together, united around the overarching goal of placing Wales at the forefront of world rugby with passion, pride and with dignity."
Well whilst there is indeed still some passion and pride around - in Ponty if nowhere else - the dignity is rapidly ebbing away as the WRU and the regions still lock horns over what competitions they should be participating in next year.
As we have said elsewhere the problems are not new and cannot all be laid at the door of the WRU. However, they are the governing body of the sport in Wales, and they are letting down the grassroots clubs and fans across the country.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell says
"The question is how much blame should be aimed at the man at the top? If a club manager were to lead a side in the way Roger Lewis has led the WRU then surely there would be calls for his head? Welsh rugby is close to becoming a laughing stock with the current Welsh regions threatening to break away and play in the English league."
As the Guardian reports Mr Lewis has a colourful history. Yet he has friends in high places. In November Welsh Labour Minister for the Economy Edwina Hart announced his appointment as Chair of the new south east Wales "city region" group. This group is designed to boost investment across the region and work across Local Authority boundaries.
Councillor Powell added
"We can only hope that Mr Lewis has more success in pulling together the various interests groups involved here than he has with Welsh rugby. He says he will be carrying out this role unpaid and in his spare time - the way things are going with the WRU he could find himself with either very little of that or a great deal indeed."


As the Guardian reports

Edwina Hart announced his appointment as Chair

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