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Why did Ponty MP announce Muni closure before decision was allegedly made?


Many people throughout Pontypridd and beyond have been angered by the decision of the Labour Cabinet to close the Muni theatre in the town.
The proposal to close it, part of Labour's savage phase 2 cuts, was approved unanimously by Cabinet Members at a meeting on May 14th - although the Pontypridd MP appeared to have been gazing into a crystal ball and anticipated this in his local press column that morning.
His column, which would have been submitted a few days previously at the latest, read
"More evidence of the harsh reality of a Tory Government at Westminster this week with the confirmation that our Council intends to close the Muni."
Now this raises several points. Firstly the Tory government did not make the decision to close the Muni, the most profitable of the three theatres run by RCT. The decision was made by the Council - not "our" Council but Mr Smith's Council - the Labour Cabinet.
The main point though is did he know for certain this was going to happen, or has he developed the same cynical attitude as the rest of us about the value of his colleagues "consultation" process?
Comments from Cllr Paul Cannon during the meeting suggest the latter. When mention of the article was made by Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell Cllr Cannon angrily retorted "you shouldn't believe all you read in the newspaper" and that "I don't care what you have heard no decision has been made."
One can only assume that he was referring to the Labour MP when he snapped "never let the truth get in the way of a good story." After all it was Mr Smith's name on the article.
Maybe a little more communication between what would appear to be warring factions of the Labour party in RCT would help.
Karen Roberts
Campaign manager RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats

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