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When will heads roll over Cwm Taf ambulance failings?


Welsh Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Pontypridd Mike Powell says the people of RCT deserve an explanation from the Ambulance Trust and Cwm Taf University Health Board after ambulance response times yet again fell far short of targets in the area.
"If managers in private industry were month on month, year on year, failing to meet an acceptable standard then they would be shown the door. In the public sector it seems we are expected to put up with it."
Labour Health Minister Mark Drakeford this week announced an extra £4million for the Welsh ambulance service to provide new vehicles and extra staff. On the same day the latest statistics showed that once again there was a significant gap between performance and expectation in respect of response times.
As Councillor Powell points out the figures for Rhondda Cynon Taf were once again way below average.
"There is a Welsh Government target of 65% of all category A emergency calls to be responded to within 8 minutes. Across Wales that target has only been met once in more than two years. In RCT has never been met in that time.
"In June only 40.5% of emergency calls were answered within 8 minutes in RCT, and July's figures were only marginally better at 48.7%. We are consistently at the bottom of the table.
"With the changes due to come about as a result of the South Wales Programme hospital reorganisation then people in the Pontypridd and Rhondda constituencies have every reason for concern.
"Ambulances will have further to travel to drop off patients and of course further to travel to get back to base. With response times already so low then how will the service cope? Lives are going to be put at risk.
"Responsibility lies with the Ambulance Trust and ultimately the Welsh Labour Minister, but there must be underlying reasons why Cwm Taf appears unfailingly at or near the bottom of this particular league table. People have a right to know what is going on, and if necessary then heads should roll."

"In June only 40.5% of emergency calls were answered within 8 minutes in RCT


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