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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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What does the future hold for Hawthorn swimming pool?


The RCT Labour Cabinet have been discussing the future of Hawthorn pool and of leisure services in general after a decision on cuts was postponed. The outcome of this will be made known to the public at the official Cabinet meeting on 31st July.
The report on Hawthorn pool recommends that Members agree:
To note progress on site with all Health and Safety requirements and the structural survey of the pool hall roof.
To note that a report will be presented to Cabinet in August with options as to the cost of bringing the facility back into use or not.
It also reveals that a substantial amount of work has been carried out at the facility.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell says the Cabinet should have decided its future before repairing it.
"This is setting the cart before the horse to put it politely. The pool was closed for health and safety reasons prior to a report going to Cabinet which suggested it should be transferred to the school. This even though no discussions had taken place about it and it is not a feasible option unless the money goes with it which would not produce the required savings.
"The report states that work was originally estimated to take 12 weeks, but once they looked at it properly it was revealed it would take closer to 22 weeks. Given that the future of the pool was, and still is at the moment, uncertain then why was that amount of work authorised?
"Surely it would have been sensible to make a decision on the future of the pool first and then embark upon repairs? Hawthorn pool is well used and I very much hope that the Cabinet will decide to keep it open. It would be ludicrous for them to close it after spending so much money on it."

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