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Welsh Government ‘lacks a long-term vision’ and plan for education


Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas has called for the Welsh Government to end the blame game and put forward a long term vision for education in Wales after another international report found failings in the education system.

One of the main criticisms found by the team from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) :

“The pace of reform has been high and lacks a long-term vision, an adequate school improvement infrastructure and a clear implementation strategy all stakeholders share.”

It recommends that the Government “use reviews strategically and sparingly.”

Shadow Education Minister for the Party of Wales Simon Thomas said:

“The Welsh Government called in the OECD to examine the education system. They cannot turn their backs on this indictment of drift and dither.

“The primary vehicle for education improvement – the much vaunted regional consortia, which have been the government’s watchword for nearly two years – are condemned as having not yet fulfilled their task of providing improvement services.

“In this one sentence, this report sums up the inadequate, tardy and lackadaisical approach of the Labour-led Welsh Government.

“This report is another piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the Welsh education system.

“It chimes with what Plaid Cymru has been saying - that the Government needs to deliver and implement education policies rather than come up with review after review.

“Rather than blaming consortia, local authorities and schools for failures in the education system, it needs to provide them with leadership.

“The Welsh Government needs to come up with a vision of what kind of education system it is setting out to achieve. It needs to work with the sector on a strategy for its implementation.

It needs to put the infrastructure in place to enable schools, local authorities and consortia to implement it.

Currently, the Government is blaming the education sector for failures when it hasn’t given a clear indication of what the sector is setting out to achieve. It has not provided the sector with the necessary leadership or support.

The Mid and West AM added: “At school and classroom level, the OECD recommends more personalised learning for pupils - this corresponds with Plaid Cymru’s call for a tracking system to be used by teachers who can intervene to help individual pupils who need extra support.

“Pupils need support for many different reasons: from being more able and talented to falling behind with reading or maths to having behavioural problems.

“We are calling for investment in a comprehensive training programme for the education workforce on improving literacy, numeracy, behaviour and attendance and closing the poverty gap in educational attainment.”

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