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Well Prepared For Winter Weather

Mardy mountain

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has developed a Winter Service Operational Plan and is ready for the winter weather
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has developed a Winter Service Operational Plan and is ready for the winter weather

Keeping the roads safe and the County Borough moving is the main focus of the Council's army of dedicated staff who work around-the-clock as soon as the cold weather bites.

Despite the tough economic climate, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Streetcare workers continue to operate the large purpose-built fleet of vehicles in the cold weather, working to protect a highways infrastructure that, laid end-to-end, stretches an amazing 1,300km.

When the dreaded bad weather hits, all focus is on the critical network that must be protected to keep Rhondda Cynon Taf moving and flowing, as well as exceptional work to ensure people can get to hospital, to life-saving medical appointments such as chemotherapy and dialysis.

The Council’s Streetcare staff work all around the clock during the height of winter, firstly salting roads as a precaution, continuing the process when the chances of snow and ice increase and keeping roads open if and when the snow and ice strikes.

Cllr Andrew Morgan, Cabinet Member for Frontline Services, said: “Adverse or extreme weather affects every area. As a Council, we have developed a Winter Service Operational Plan that details a whole range of actions that need to be taken.

“For example Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has more than tripled its salt stock holding in order to increase resilience to winter weather. This strategic decision has allowed the Council to act effectively throughout the winter no matter what the season brings.

“Last year, 137 pro-active salting actions were undertaken, using 7,000 tonnes of salt whilst 2,500 tonnes were used tackling snow, filling self-help salt bins and in addition assisting one of our neighbouring local authorities that had found themselves short of salt.

"Whilst recent harsh winters have shown that the season cannot be taken for granted, the Council is confident that it is well prepared for the season ahead.”

In previous years, the Council’s army of dedicated Streetcare workers have cleared roads to allow weddings to go ahead and stepped in to prevent the delay of a funeral.

They also often keep routes clear for those who need to get to hospital and work closely with their colleagues across the Council and other frontline services to keep schools, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, police stations and other essential community amenities open.

This is being prepared for

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