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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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We know it will hurt, but we don’t care – RCT Labour attitude


Welsh Liberal Democrats in RCT have said that the equality impact assessments, written as part of the consultation on Labour's proposed savage cuts, are, like the Labour manifesto, not worth the paper they are written on.
The assessments form part of the report going to RCT Labour Cabinet on 8th January.
In each case the conclusion reached was that 'this Equality Impact Assessment has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that due regard has been given to the 'duty' placed on the Council in this respect and that there are no grounds based on equality considerations that prevent the consideration of service change proposals in respect of the provision.'
Campaign Manager Karen Roberts says
"The equality impact assessments (EIAs) have been nothing more than a tick box exercise. The list of pros and cons associated with each option were listed in the original report, everyone knows who will be affected.
"The EIAs threw in a few - very few - figures and some very predictable comments from selected consultation responses. One very important issue, that of the effect on Welsh Medium education, appears to have been overlooked altogether.
"The conclusion is that there will be adverse effects on certain groups of people, but that they are not sufficiently important to warrant any real consideration.
"In other words, the Council don't care, and this whole exercise has been a waste of money, which given that this is all about making savings is hugely ironic."

Labour manifesto, not worth the paper they are written on


RCT Labour Cabinet on 8th January.


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