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Wales YFC Election for NFYFC Deputy President


Sharon Jones from Clwyd YFC was elected as the Wales YFC deputy President for NFYFC at their Annual General Meeting in Blackpool.

At the NFYFC AGM a deputy President is elected to represent each of the seven areas that make up NFYFC, and Sharon Jones had the honour of being elected on behalf of Wales YFC.

Sharon was born and brought up on a sheep and beef hill farm near Llangollen and has been a member of Llangollen and District YFC from the age of 16 and even now rarely misses a Tuesday evening meeting. Public speaking and tug-of-war were her two favourite YFC activities and she tries to help her club and county teams each year.

Sharon has been Clwyd YFC treasurer for the last ten years and was made a Life Member of Clwyd YFC in 2000. She worked as County Co-ordinator from 1999 to 2003 and so funding and finance are something she has a big interest in. In her spare time she enjoys making celebration cakes, gardening and hot curries.

Following her election Sharon said; “I will do my best during my term to help YFC in any way I can, so never be afraid to ask – if I can help, I will!”

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