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Wales should have say in EU Commissioner post


With governments across Europe currently selecting new European Commissioners, Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has said that the National Assembly for Wales should have a say over who represents Wales and the UK as a European Commissioner.

The experienced campaigner, who was recently elected to the European Parliament for a fourth time, warned that Wales will once again have no vote and no voice in the Council of Ministers or EU Commissioners.

Plaid Cymru say that the National Assembly for Wales should participate in the selection of candidates, be able to nominate candidates from Wales and have a right to scrutinize or even veto unsuitable candidates.

Jill Evans MEP said that only Plaid Cymru would be Wales’ voice in Europe as Westminster appointments will never put Wales first.

Jill Evans MEP said:

“Under the current circumstances, as part of the British state, Wales will have no vote and no voice in the Council of Ministers, made up of national governments, and no EU Commissioners, who are chosen by those governments.

“Only in the European Parliament can a Welsh voice be heard, and I will make sure that it is heard.

“EU Commissioner candidates are already being suggested in the press.

“In our manifesto, Plaid Cymru called for a change to the way in which EU Commissioners are selected.

“In a state with four distinct nations, it is unfair that the government in Westminster can do what they like, and appoint whoever they feel – irrespective of the feelings of the devolved nations.

“It is ironic that people complain of a lack of transparency in Europe, when it is often national governments who continue to act in this way.

“Plaid Cymru would like to see a new system in which EU Commissioner candidates have to come to the National Assembly for Wales and be scrutinized by Assembly Members before their appointment.

“We would also like to see the National Assembly for Wales themselves put forward suggested appointments.

“Of course, in the long run, the only way to ensure a Welsh voice and vote in the Council of Ministers and in the EU Commission is for Wales to become an independent state.”

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