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'Vote Labour, Get Tory' at next election, warns MP

Plaid s

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has seized upon a heavily-trailed speech by shadow Treasury minister Chris Leslie MP who is set to pledge that Labour will not reverse Tory cuts should they form the next government after the General Election.

Mr Edwards said that the difference between the parties among the Westminster elite was 'wafer thin' and that the commitment to stick to Tory spending plans is a noose around Labour's neck making a vote for them pointless.

He added that Plaid Cymru offers the people of Wales a genuine alternative with policies such as an Economic Fairness Bill to address geographical and individual inequalities, scrapping Trident, a not-for-profit Welsh energy company to address fuel poverty, fair share of HS2 funding for Wales, and other progressive measures likely to be included in the party’s Westminster manifesto.

Mr Edwards said:

"Plaid Cymru has highlighted for a long time that in every major field of policy the difference between Labour and the Tories in London is wafer thin.

“Today’s announcement by Labour is a direct result of their strategic decision to match Tory spending plans should they form the next UK government. They are engaged in a race to the bottom which is seeing Wales being dragged to the right as the Westminster elite panic in response to the rise of Ukip.

"In Wales, only Plaid Cymru offers a real choice for real change. Our policies set themselves apart from what the London parties offer as they are geared towards improving the lives of the people of Wales first and foremost.

"The UK funding formula sees Wales lose out on around £300-400m a year yet successive London governments have failed to address this issue.

“In light of today’s announcement people might ask themselves what exactly is the point of Labour. They offer no change and little hope.

“The only alternative to Westminster rule whether red or blue is the empowerment of Welsh democratic institutions. Only Plaid Cymru is making the case for more powers for our country.

"If we are to prosper as a nation which values social justice and equality, all Welsh progressives must unite behind Plaid Cymru at the next election to send the London parties a message that Wales will no longer settle for crumbs from the Westminster table."

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