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As RCT Councillors are cutting services is it time for a cut in councillors salary
10% Cut
20% Cut
11% Increase just like your MP
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Time for Owen to stop pie in sky ideas and do something useful.


The latest round of cuts will be discussed by RCT Labour Cabinet on 8th January and be put out to public consultation from there. They include the possible closure of the Muni theatre, several leisure facilities and all paddling pools. There is also talk of reducing street lighting, cutting subsidies to numerous bus routes, and the withdrawal of funding from several museums.
Now whilst these are matters for the Council alone to decide and outside the remit of the Welsh or UK Governments people expect their AMs and MPs to have an opinion and to stand up for them. This should go beyond snide twitter comments about it being the coalition's fault.
It will be interesting therefore to see if the various MPs and AMs representing the area have anything useful to contribute to the debate. In particular whether Owen Smith, MP for Pontypridd, has a view on the plans to remove the funding agreement with Pontypridd Museum.
After all Mr Smith has in the past expressed his keenness for bringing more art and culture to the area. When it was announced last year that the Taff Vale developers had gone into liquidation and the precinct plans had fallen through he told the press
"We need to ask, do we want or need another shopping centre or is there something more imaginative that could be done for a site that's so important for the local community?
"Wales needs a contemporary Welsh art museum, so what about creating Tate on the Taff?"
He added that Wales also needed a people's history and sport museum, and Pontypridd would be a first class location.
Will he now be putting pressure on his Labour colleagues to reconsider and continue to invest in RCT's heritage? One thing is for sure, his idea which seemed daft enough at the time now appears even more wide of the mark.
Of course it is not the only idea he has come up with which has floundered. His much publicised Valleys Rugby initiative was never going to come to anything, and was little more than a ploy for self-publicity.
He now sees that he was "barking up the wrong tree" and that "what people want is not another phony franchise (not even the Warriors back at Sardis) but to watch our club, Ponty, playing back at the elite level where we belong."
Maybe Mr Smith could try to address some of the more pressing issues in the Pontypridd area, there are certainly enough of them.


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