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Take Care Over Bank Holiday

Take Care Over Bank Holiday

Take extra care over Bank Holiday weekend and stay safe

The residents of Rhondda Cynon Taf are urged to take extra care during planned firefighters strikes over the May Bank Holiday period.

The Fire Brigades Union has announced further industrial action on:

Friday 2nd May between noon and 5pm
Saturday 3rd May from 2pm until 2am the following morning
Sunday 4th May from 10am until 3pm
Cllr Andrew Morgan, Cabinet Member for Frontline Services, with responsibility for Emergency Planning, said: “During the industrial action, the Fire Service will not have as many tenders available and will focus on responding to the most critical incidents where life and property are at threat.

"That means other incidents might get a slower response or less resources. During this period we ask our communities to be extra vigilant and remember prevention is far better than response.”

The Council is therefore issuing the following advice:

Prevention is best - paying extra attention to fire safety in the home.
If a fire does start - get out, stay out and call 999 and don’t be tempted to tackle a fire yourself.
Ensure you have a smoke alarm and test that it is in working order.
Do not mix drinking and cooking. Some people enjoy a Bank Holiday tipple, but be responsible and do not leave cooking unattended. If you are hungry after a night out, get a takeaway or make a sandwich - do not get the chip pan out or leave cooking unattended.
Pay particular attention to road safety. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a collision the Fire Service may not be able to get there to help you as quickly as they normally would
Switch off any unused electrical appliances before going to bed, including the television, and close all doors/ Make sure you also have an escape plan in the event of fire.
Ensure you extinguish smoking materials and take extra care with naked flames.
Take care with barbeques. Do not leave one unattended and always allow embers to cool before disposal.
Grass fires can spread quickly during dry weather; putting lives and property at serious risk so avoid using naked flames when out and about and dispose of smoking materials with care.
More than 90% of grass fires are started deliberately. Remember that setting fires deliberately is a crime, for which you can be prosecuted.


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