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Students launch a brand new Platfform


Students at the University of South Wales are preparing to launch their newly branded fashion magazine for 2014.

Platfform, first released in 2011, has evolved each year to bring readers the most innovative and creative design from the Universities most ambitious students. 2014 marks the first year where a group of second year Fashion Promotion students have completely led in the creation of the magazine.

This year’s ‘Indulgence Edition’ has undergone a complete revamp and aims to create an escape for the fashion conscious.

“This Platfform will vary from fabulously cutting edge editorials with behind the scenes sneak peeks, to feature articles written by aspiring writers from all over the UK,” says Fashion Promotion student April Holcombe.

Last week, Peppermint Bar, Cardiff hosted a vibrant pre-launch party which provided a taster of the magazine’s new branding and chance to see the release of the new and improved Platfform website.

Throughout the evening local singers, bands and DJ’s including filled the space with their incredible talents. The event attracted attention from those involved in fashion, the arts and the creative industries.

Fashion Promotion student and magazine Features Editor Naomi Prictor stated, “Although creating the magazine has been very challenging, it has also been massively rewarding with students in the group producing some of their best work to date. Platfform magazine is not only beneficial to the current students at the University of South Wales as it promotes their work, it also acts as a platform for upcoming talent outside of the university who feature in the magazine.”

Naomi continued, “The magazine is massively beneficial to students that are thinking about coming to the university to study fashion as it gives them a clear idea of what they can expect from the course. We have all put so much into this years Platfform magazine that I, like the rest of the group, am very optimistic about the final outcome! ”

Platfform is due to be released in May with new features showcasing the talented students that helped make previous and current editions of the magazine.

Explore the brand new Platfform website and find out more about studying Fashion at the University of South Wales.


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