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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Still no apology to Governors from Education Director


Last month we called upon the Education Director, Chris Bradshaw, to apologise to school governors across RCT following his comments during an education scrutiny meeting on July 15th. During a debate on the appointment of four extra governors at Coedpenmaen Primary School at a cost of £250 each per day Mr Bradshaw stated that sometimes "'to get the best you have to pay."
Today an article appeared in the local press on the subject, following a belated response from the Council. Not a single word in that response came anywhere near an apology - indeed it appears that the Council and Mr Bradshaw had missed the point entirely, either deliberately or because they really have no comprehension of just how annoyed some governors are over the comments.
The response talked about how the Council took the decision to pay these extra governors "in the best interests of the children attending the school. It went on to explain that they had the power to appoint these governors as a result of Welsh Government legislation and repeats the line that the Cabinet had taken the decision to support the Education Director in appointing these extra governors for the good of the school.
Nowhere does it mention the Director's comments or indicate any degree of remorse, or address the complaint at all. From that we can only assume that the Director stands by his words and indeed does hold school governors in RCT in such contempt. Mr Bradshaw ought to be ashamed of himself.



Perchance the RCT Education

Perchance the RCT Education Director Chris Bradshaw who is reputed to get £113,000 a year from council taxpayers in wages has not had time like most of RCTC departments to look at the RCTC guide to time limits set for replying to correspondences within RCTC.


RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats website says

"Mr Bradshaw's background is as an accountant not an educationalist and it is blatantly obvious that he is more at home with numbers and statistics than with people and that he has no understanding of the system.”

Well there you go then.

Coedpenmaen County Primary School inspections by Estyn on the link


Perhaps it is extremely difficult to reply when you don’t have the answers.

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