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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Still more questions than answers on nursery education


Parents and Governors are still in the dark about many of the issues surrounding the changes to nursery education in RCT. The decision was made by the Labour Cabinet on 8th January but confusion still reigns.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell says not enough is being done to answer parents' questions and an unfair burden is being placed on schools.
"The Director of Education held a meeting with Headteachers last week to pass on information about how the Council expect the new system to operate.
"As a Chair of Governors at a Primary School I asked him if a similar meeting could be held with Chars of Governing Bodies in order for them to understand what is expected. After all it is schools who will have to implement the changes, and who will bear the brunt of the questions from angry parents.
"It is Governing Bodies who are responsible for making decisions regarding the redundancies which will inevitably follow the Labour Cabinet's decision. They are responsible for the management of schools, and for making decisions on how the budget is spent, and what possibilities there are for alternative provision.
"The response I received was that 'I see no benefit in meeting with Chairs of Governors as Headteachers are capable of discussing the changes with their respective Chairs. Furthermore, the Council has not yet set its budget and until this is agreed by full Council, schools will not be provided with their detailed budgets to determine the future shape of their staffing structures.;
"Hardly a helpful attitude. Schools are going to be made scapegoats for the Council's decision. Parents have a string of unanswered questions and concerns and neither the Director nor the Cabinet Members seem prepared to provide answers.
"The Director did send me a copy of the document which was discussed with Heads, but it is not good enough that they continue to operate with such a lack of transparency."

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