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South Wales Police keeping domestic abuse victims safe according to HMIC report


HMIC concluded that South Wales Police is “providing a good service” for tackling domestic abuse.

The HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) has concluded that South Wales Police is “providing a good service” for tackling domestic abuse and keeping victims safe.
In a report issued today the HMIC highlight a number of positives regarding the force’s approach to domestic abuse, which it says is a “clear priority” and “is understood by staff at all levels.”
The report acknowledges that South Wales Police has continued to invest in specialist domestic abuse staff and there is a well-developed and effective response to the very highest risk victims of domestic abuse.
South Wales Police is committed to targeting offenders of domestic abuse and the review highlighted that for every 100 domestic abuse crimes recorded there were 96 arrests in South Wales. This is considerably higher than most other forces.

Assistant Chief Constable Liane James said:

“We welcome the HMIC review as South Wales Police is committed to tackling domestic abuse and consistently improving the service we provide to victims. There are areas for improvement but as a Force we are already working closely with our partners and victims of domestic abuse to address these as we always strive to improve and provide the best service possible to our victims and our communities.

“The force has also developed good systems to ensure that any lessons learned from domestic homicide reviews or other serious case reviews are systematically fed back into the organisation, and where possible shared with partner organisations in order to improve processes.”

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Sophie Howe said:

“The report shows that tackling domestic abuse is a very clear priority for South Wales Police – both the Commissioner and the Chief Constable and I am pleased that it recognises that South Wales is one of the best forces in the country for taking positive action to arrest perpetrators. We hope that this will give victims confidence that they will receive positive response when they report to us.

“Whilst we are determined to maintain this performance we are also turning our attention to identifying domestic abuse earlier because we know that we are often the last port of call for victims who encounter on average 35 incidents before they report to the Police. GP’s midwives, health visitors, as well as other frontline professionals in housing and education are absolutely key in helping us to identify where domestic abuse is occurring and to make sure that victims are routed in to support quickly.

“Making sure that victims have the full package of support from the police and other services to keep them safe and to help they leave abusive relationships will remain our top priority. “

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