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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Service Change Proposals - Phase 2

Old Phurnacite land

ALL councils in Wales will be adversely affected by a significant reduction to their funding as a consequence of cuts in the funding made available by the UK Government.

Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC is facing an estimated shortfall in resources (a budget gap) over the next 4 years of between £60m and £70m. In order to deal with this budget gap the Council has to consider options to reduce expenditure by reconfiguring, cutting or reducing the services which we provide. A key part of this process will be to gauge the views of our residents, staff and key stakeholders on our proposals as they are put before Councillors over the coming months.

The Council wants to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part in the consultation process.

To help us do this the Council will:

Let you know about each proposal or set of proposals via posters, leaflets and the Council website.
Provide the opportunity for you to have your say - written, via the Internet or through the completion of a questionnaire.
The Council will feedback your views from the consultation to the Council’s Cabinet before any final decisions are made and will provide feedback on the decisions that are made.

PHASE 2 proposals-
Proposal 1 - Adult Social Care Charges
Proposal 2 - Heritage Service
Proposal 3 - Arts and Cultural Services
Proposal 4 - Supported Bus Routes
Proposal 5 - Provision of Paddling Pools
Proposal 6 - Leisure Service
Proposal 7 - Street Lighting Provision
Please refer to the booklet and Consultation information pack in the ‘Related Documents’ section (on the right side of this page) for further detailed information on these proposals.

Please give us your views - Complete the Survey Online

Please note: this survey may not be accessible via all types of mobile phone or tablet devices.

If you would like to email your views please send them to servicechanges2@rctcbc.gov.uk

The consultation is open from 27th January 2014 and closes on 24 th February 2014 at 5pm.

I know this council are

I know this council are asking for you to complete a survey but will they take any notice of what the public want?

I think not as past experience from this labour lot they take no notice of the views of the public.

You only have to look back last year Ponty Park Paddling Pool fiasco Labour said they would not close the pool before they were re-elected but then changed tack and said it would close the pool even when the public voted to keep it open.

There was a strong case to keep this iconic pool open used by generations of family’s but the RCT labour way is to stick the boot in do what we say not what you the majority want.

Think Labour in RCT keep voting them in they know that’s what you will do next time round so they can keep the boot on top of you and do what they want when they want

Labour in the valleys just look around you at what they have acheved

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