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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Secret Cabinet meetings discuss limiting black bag collections


A report leaked by a disgruntled Labour member to RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats reveals that the Cabinet are considering putting limits on the amount of black bag waste residents can put out each fortnight.
Changes to the system last year introduced two weekly collections for non-recyclable waste in an effort, the Council said, to encourage more recycling. However the targets set by the Welsh Government have still not been met and RCT is still sending more of its waste to landfill than it should.
RCT Welsh Lib Dem Campaign Manager Karen Roberts said
"Everyone should be encouraged to recycle as much as possible and the Council has to look at reducing the amount in sends to landfill - not only is it bad for the environment but there is a substantial cost involved.
"However, before the Council starts looking to impose limits on households then it needs to get its recycling collections right. They have failed to provide nappy bins to many who have asked for them, and often run out of clear recycling bags. My local community centre is an authorised collection point for recycling bags and we have had none for a month."
The "informal" Cabinet meeting took place on the 17th of July in private and included other items such as a report on the provision of leisure services. The outcome of any discussions is not known.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell added

"The new leader made much of wanting to have open discussions with the public and opposition members but yet there is still a great deal going on behind the scenes.
"It is only right that some meetings and discussions take place out of the public eye, but why then pretend that all Cabinet meetings are open?
"It is obvious that there are some very disgruntled Labour members in the Authority - the increasing number of 'leaks' is testament to that. It would be nice if some of them spoke up in Chamber on occasion."


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