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Scope responds to independent review into fitness-for-work tests


Richard Hawkes, chief executive of the disability charity Scope said:

“We welcome the publication of the Litchfield Review today, but it needs to go further.

The review recognises that disabled people undergoing the Government’s fitness-for-work test need to be treated with more dignity and respect.

Disabled people face huge challenges when it comes to work, such as a lack of skills and experience, confidence and even negative attitudes from some employers. The Work Capability Assessment ignores all of this. It’s a tick-box test of someone’s medical condition.

Disabled people have lost all faith in this test.

The cost of appeals has skyrocketed, assessors have resigned in disgust, and the test has received criticism from the Public Accounts Committee and National Audit Office. We have witnessed shocking undercover footage of how Atos assessors are trained and heard horror stories of disabled people inappropriately found fit to work.

The fitness-for-work test is broken. If the Government is serious about getting more disabled people into work, they need a test that is the start of the process that gives disabled people the specialist, tailored and flexible support they need.”

Read the independent report, Work Capability Assessment independent review – year 4.


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