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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Scope responds to the 2014 Budget


In response to today’s budget:

Responding to points on job figures and city deals, Richard Hawkes chief executive of the disability charity Scope said:

“There’s more good news about jobs today. We want disabled people to be a part of the recovery.

“Disabled people are pushing hard to find jobs.

“A million more disabled people could be in work. Yet only about 50% of disabled people have a job right now.

“As the economy picks up, we need to make sure the right support is in place to support disabled people and potential employers.

“City Deals are a big opportunity. We want to talk to the Government about how we make this happen for disabled people.”

Responding to the Chancellor’s help for families and the AME cap Richard Hawkes added:

“The Chancellor is right to talk up resilience.

“Disabled people’s finances need some resilience right now.

“Hardworking disabled people pay more for all kinds of everyday things – on average £550 per month.

“In 2014 many are struggling to save and pay the bills; disabled people are three times more likely to take out doorstep loans.

“We will be looking closely to see what impact the AME cap has.

“20 years ago the Government brought in DLA to help disabled people meet those costs. It’s right that it’s being reformed. But it’s crucial that the Government protects this financial lifeline by taking it out of the AME cap.”

Responding to Social investment tax relief at 30%: Richard Hawkes, Chief Executive of the disability charity Scope, said:

“Social investment is vital. Charities can’t just rely on traditional donations. Investors are looking for ways to invest their money that has a social as well as financial return.

“We need to bring them together. It’s great that the Government is championing social investment. We know social investment works.

“We launched a Bond in 2011, which offered investors a return of 2% and the opportunity to support our work making this a better place for disabled people. We raised £2m; used it to fund opening new charity shops and seeking new regular donors, which in turns provided us with a sustainable income for our network of parents befriending groups and info and advice services.”

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