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Same old Labour Party gagging criticism

Andrew RT Davies

Welsh Conservatives today responded to claims from the Labour Party that any criticism of their 15 year record in government is an attack on Wales.

Welsh Conservatives accused the Welsh Labour Party of extraordinary arrogance by gagging criticism.

It comes days after Labour Assembly Members united to block Ann Clwyd from giving evidence about standards in the Welsh NHS.

Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Opposition, said, "The anti-Welsh party is the one led by Carwyn Jones, which is dragging Wales down, delivering chronic A&E waiting times, school standards on a par with former Soviet bloc countries and making Wales the poorest part of the UK.

"This is the same old Labour Party treating Wales as its own little fiefdom, taking Wales for granted and assuming a God-given right to rule.

"After 15 years, Labour Ministers are running scared of their appalling record in government, which even their own MPs are too ashamed to defend.

"Only this week Labour AMs gagged Ann Clwyd from identifying problems in the Welsh NHS as the latest figures show dangerously high death rates in Welsh hospitals, which Labour Ministers continue to ignore.

"Labour is in office, but not in control.

"At their conference, Labour delegates should ask their leaders why they continue to argue black is white and defend a shambolic record of failing Wales.

"Welsh Conservatives are the party offering solutions to the problems facing the people of Wales.  We are the party of low tax, big ideas."

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