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Residents Warned Over Mortgage Scam


Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Trading Standards team are warning residents about a scam that has been brought to their attention.

Officers are currently investigating reports from a number of residents who secured mortgages from the Council some decades ago.

These individuals have been contacted, via telephone, by someone claiming to be a solicitor, telling them they are entitled to a rebate. The callers seem very genuine.

The resident involved is asked to attend their local paypoint outlet and make an initial payment of £269, in order to “release” their rebate. This payment is cash immediately and a reference number is given.

However, the promise of an agent attending their address with the rebate payment never materialises and there is no further contact.

The company making the call is not giving any business name or contact number. At least one resident has paid out cash to them.

Trading Standards officers are keen for all residents to be aware this is a scam and that no payment should be made in advance.

It also wishes to reassure residents that it has never released any details of any mortgage it has issued. The Council stopped issuing mortgages decades ago.

Any resident contacted by someone purporting to be a solicitor who can secure a mortgage rebate for an upfront fee is urged not to pay any money up front and to contact Trading Standards.

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