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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Resident parking permit charges unfair


Residents in RCT could find themselves paying considerable sums for residents parking permits following a review by the Labour Cabinet.
The Cabinet have been looking at providing new residents parking zones in some areas of Pontypridd and Aberdare but at the same time have introduced payments of £10 for the first permit in a house, £15 for the second and a massive £50 for a third.
Mike Powell is the Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor for Trallwn, where consultation has been taking place regarding expansion of permit areas. He says there is inherent unfairness in the proposals.
"Residential permits in some areas can be very welcome and alleviate the problems residents have in parking anywhere near their homes. However, any charging regime put in place has to be fair and equitable.
"The charges the Council are introducing are far from that. They say they need to cover administration costs, but in that case why does the cost increase after the first permit? They already have all the details there and are sending the passes to the same address so why the increase for the second permit?
"As for charging £50 for a third that is disgraceful. It is not a permit charge, rather a fine for daring to have an extra vehicle.
"To make it worse students will only be charged £10 per permit regardless of how many of them are in a house. How can that be in any way fair?
"It is particularly galling in some cases, such as in Trallwn, where the need for more residential parking has only come about as a result of the Council's town centre car parking charges which means more people are parking out of town and walking in."
Local businessman John Bell says there have been issues with parking in Treforest for years, and steps to address it are welcome, but questions the effectiveness of the scheme as it is proposed.
"It is wrong that students will only pay £10 for every permit and it appears there will be no limit on how many they can apply for in a house. It could result in five or six permits being issued per house, and how will that alleviate the parking problems?
"In Swansea where there is also a high student population there is a limit of two permits per house and it works on a first come first served basis. That would maybe make more sense.
"The Council could also help by making permits available during July and August when most students are not there. This would allow permanent residents to get their permits first, and the Council should then limit the number of permits to the number of spaces available."

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