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As RCT Councillors are cutting services is it time for a cut in councillors salary
10% Cut
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RCT Council Cabinet bizarre budget setting process continues.


On 8th January RCT Labour Cabinet will take the unusual step of holding two meetings on one day to consider the budget for the coming year - or rather bits of the budget, as they continue with their bizarrely haphazard method of trying to bridge their budget gap.
Whereas just about every other Council in Wales has announced and is consulting on cross the board plans in RCT it is progressing in a piecemeal session which defies any logic. The consultation on phase one finished in early December. The Cabinet will discuss the feedback on the 8th January - in the second of the two meetings.
In their first meeting of the day they will discuss the beginning of the consultation on phase two. We can no doubt expect phase three to follow hot on the heels of that one closing.
Who on earth thought this fragmented approach made any sense at all? The Cabinet - after all they do run the Council don't they? Or the Finance Director and soon to be Chief Executive who is the responsible officer? Or maybe it is a strategy decision, after all the Head of PR and Strategy must have something to do other than put out Labour propaganda at the taxpayers' expense.
What happens in the unlikely event that the Cabinet turn down the first set of proposals - after all Deputy Leader Cllr Cannon has assured everyone that they haven't decided anything yet. This will have knock on effects elsewhere as the savings still have to be made. Yet the second round will have already been set in motion.
This approach to providing services and managing the public purse is curious to say the least. Still, we wait with eager anticipation to see what the outcome of all of this will be, and even more eagerly to see at what point they actually think of cutting something that the public do not rely on.

Karen Roberts
RCT Welsh Liberal Democrat Campaign Manager

Cabinet will take the unusual step of holding two meetings on one day to consider the budget for the coming year


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