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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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RCT Cabinet to announce decision on phase 2 cuts


RCT Cabinet will meet on May 14th to make their decision on the phase 2 proposals put forward in January.
The proposals include increasing charges for social care, closing the Muni theatre in Pontypridd and the Cynon Museum, shutting all paddling pools and closing or shortening of opening hours for some leisure services.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell has been critical all along of the "piecemeal approach" to the whole budget setting process and critical of the cuts to front line services whilst other areas of Council expenditure remain untouched.
The Trallwn Councillor is particularly concerned that the Pontypridd area is suffering unfairly.
"They keep talking about equity of service but nothing they do demonstrates that in practice. Regarding leisure centres for instance, people in the wider Pontypridd town area stand to lose out as the proposals would close both Hawthorn and Bronwydd pools which are the ones that are most accessible to them. The fact that the Pontypridd constituency still has two leisure centres with swimming pools in Llantrisant and Tonyrefail does not help access wise.
"The proposal to close the Muni Arts Centre defies all logic. The figures given in the report appear to be manipulated to reach a certain conclusion and there is other information that has not been provided which should have been.
"The museums we have should be playing an important part in a tourism strategy - but as my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleagues and myself have been saying for some considerable time there does not appear to be one in RCT.
"The Labour Council claim they are keen to regenerate Pontypridd as the County town of RCT but apart from some fancy - and expensive - pavements and a lido proposal nobody wanted they have done nothing. "
There has been much anger and suspicion at the closure of Hawthorn pool some weeks ago because of 'health and safety' issues. The labour Council have been reluctant to come forward with any update on what the problem is there and to many it was seen as merely an excuse to back up the case to close it permanently.

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