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Pupils Make A Song And Dance Out Of Road Safety


Kerbcraft at Darran Las Primary School

Pupils in Mountain Ash have certainly made a song and dance out of their new-found road safety skills - find out more in our picture special!

Zarla the Zebra, the road safety mascot made a surprise appearance during the celebration at Darran Las Primary School earlier this month, to commend the 30 pupils aged six and seven who had completed Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s essential Kerbcraft training.

Kerbcraft forms just part of the extensive work that the Council’s dedicated Road Safety Unit carries out in schools and communities across the county borough to ensure young residents are safe pedestrians, cyclists and, eventually, drivers. The Unit also deals with issues such as dangerous and illegal parking outside schools, and spreading the anti-speeding message.

Darren Las Primary School pupils are the latest to benefit from Kerbcraft, which was delivered in their school by the Unit, with the assistance of three parents who volunteered their own time to help out – Stephanie Jones, Rebecca Walker and Liz Phillips. Kerbcraft is a national strategy for child pedestrian safety, funded by the Welsh Government.

During the course, they learned about choosing safe places and routes to cross the road, crossing safely between parked cars and crossing safely at junctions.

Marking the successful end of the training was a celebration event in the school, with Cllr Andrew Morgan, ward member and Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Cabinet Member for Frontline Services, presenting the pupils with their certificates.

The pupils also put together their own road safety play based on Kerbcraft, with the help of their teacher Miss John which included one pupil playing the school crossing patrol lady and another taking the part of the Kerbcraft trainer.

Children sang road safety songs and put actions to them, as well as singing the green cross code. The event was finished off with a guest appearance from the RCT road safety mascot, Zarla the Zebra.

Cllr Morgan said: “Kerbcraft is delivered in a number of schools in RCT to ensure young pedestrians remain safe when they are out and about. Hundreds of children have benefited from it to date and we want to keep that work up.

“The event in Darren Las was truly excellent and testament to the pupils, parents, teachers and Council road safety staff who have worked so hard to promote the road safety message to children in a relevant and appealing way.

“The play and performances of the songs showed just how many messages the pupils had taken on board and I hope those essential lessons remain with them for life.

“In the meantime, the work continues to ensure Rhondda Cynon Taf remains a safe place to live, work and visit, with school and community engagement by our road safety team, as well as partnership working, to deal with the issues that matter the most – from illegal parking to significant investment in crossings and other safety measures.”

Find out more on the Road Safety Pages.


Enjoy the Darran Las Kerbcraft Picture Special


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