Public Suggestions for Savings


Council Leader, Cllr Andrew Morgan, launches Public Survey

As part of the new Leader's committment to better engage with residents regarding the tough choices and reductions which must be made to services as a result of UK Government cuts to public spending, the Council is launching a Public Survey.

The Public Survey is encouraging residents to come up with their own suggestions for making savings, as well as income-generating ideas.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Andrew Morgan, said: “The Council faces a significant budget gap over the next three years, with latest estimates suggesting a budget gap of £30m for next year alone.

“This, coupled with rising demand in areas such as social services, means that savings must be made and we must look at alternative methods of delivering services.

“Over the last few years, the Council has achieved well over £60m in efficiency savings, and going forward, further efficiencies, alongside service change proposals, will be crucial in closing the substantial budget gap we face.

“The consequence of such a large budget gap will likely be a reduction in service provision, but I want to ensure that before further difficult decisions regarding future service provision are taken, every single opportunity to save money and generate income has been explored.

“I know from conversations I have with residents in my own ward, and through the correspondence I receive as Leader of the Council, that there are many residents who have lots of ideas as to how this Council could and should save money and how we could perhaps generate more income.

“This form will allow residents to do just that, and any viable suggestions will be implemented."

To make your own suggestions and to become involved complete the online Public Survey

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