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Should RCT Councilors face a fine of £120 for not turning up for meetings same as Parents for kid not attending school
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Ponty MP needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


It seems that Pontypridd MP Owen Smith cares more about political point scoring than the people he promised to 'stand up' for.
Mr Smith, the Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, addressed the Labour party conference in Llandudno this weekend. The main thrust of his speech was to complain that the Tories are pointing to Wales as an example of why Labour are not fit to govern.
Mr Smith and his cronies think this is unfair - after all his party have an automatic right to rule here haven't they? How dare anyone criticise a Welsh Labour Government just because we have the worst education results in the UK, and are way down the international performance tables. The cheek of people to suggest that Labour are not really doing a very good job with our NHS just because we have longer waiting lists for just about everything and far worse ambulance response times than England.
He claims the Tories are showing no respect for Wales and are indulging in "low politics, ill-informed, misrepresenting the facts, half-truths..."
Really? Well what does he call the nonsense he is spouting, and does he really think that people are not going to question it?
He talks about facts, but then goes on to say that "Wales has got a significantly better - 20% better - ratio of nurses to patients than England."
This is untrue. The ratio in Wales is worse than anywhere else in the UK. It is the reason for
Kirsty Williams' Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels Bill, backed by the Royal College of Nursing.
On the subject of GPs he said "And on GPs, he added: "We're recruiting more and at a faster rate than in England so we'll have pretty soon outstripped them in terms of the number of GPs we've got."
Now apart from the fact that is a ludicrous statement as we will never have, or need, more GPs than England, it ignores the huge recruitment problems facing Wales, as reported by Wales Online just days ago.
Now either Mr Smith is living in some sort of fantasy land or he thinks lying and pretending all is well in the NHS in Wales under Labour will make it so - at least in the eyes of the Labour faithful.
His constituents may not be seeing things through quite such rose tinted spectacles.
Only 41% of ambulances in RCT responded to class A emergency calls within 8 minutes in February - not for the first time placing us at the bottom of the league. The Royal Glamorgan hospital in his own constituency is to lose essential services at the instigation of his Labour colleague the Health Minister. There is insufficient staff because of the recruitment failures of the Welsh Labour Government.
In Tonyrefail, again in his own Pontypridd constituency, the family and friends of one poor woman are desperately raising funds to pay for cancer treatment that is available free to patients in England but not in Wales.
The Welsh Government has not seen its own cancer treatment time target met since 2008.
These are facts, backed up by the Welsh Labour Government's own statistics. Now who is misrepresenting facts and throwing out half truths?


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