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Plaid Leader welcomes Lib Dem endorsement


“Jill Evans is best placed to give Wales a voice”- Leanne Wood

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has welcomed an endorsement for the party’s European election campaign from the prominent Welsh Liberal Democrat activist Amy Kitcher.

Drawing attention to an article which she wrote for the Huffington Post, the Party of Wales leader pointed out that Liberal Democrat and Green voters who may be thinking about not voting, could secure, in Jill Evans, an MEP who was in line with their views.

Ms Kitcher has been a Liberal Democrat candidate and councillor in Merthyr Tydfil, and secured 31% of the vote at the last Westminster election.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

“As we approach the European elections on May 22nd it is becoming clearer that Jill Evans MEP is best placed to champion Wales and provide the voice in Brussels we need.

“With UKIP making ground, it is vital that Wales retains a voice through Plaid Cymru in the European Parliament. Who else will speak for Wales? Liberal Democrat and Green supporters should lend their votes to Plaid Cymru for this election. By doing so, they can help secure an MEP in tune with their concerns over climate change, social justice and international co-operation on matters like banking regulation and tax avoidance.

“Plaid Cymru is determined to oppose the narrow, intolerant anti-European message that is dominating. Welsh businesses and Welsh workers benefit from our membership of the EU, but Wales must have a specific Plaid Cymru voice to ensure that we are taken seriously as a nation by the rest of Europe.”

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