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Plaid Cymru MEP sets out ‘Wales in Europe’ agricultural priorities at Royal Welsh Show


Five key farming issues for Wales in new European Parliament

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans will set out the agricultural priorities for Wales in Europe when visiting the Royal Welsh Show today (Thursday July 24th).

Jill Evans MEP will warn that there are five key farming issues for Wales in the new European Parliament

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans will say:

“Although CAP negotiations and the EU budget are mapped out until 2020, there are still very important agricultural negotiations taking place in Europe.

“Amongst the most important, there are 5 issues that I’ll be keeping an eye on during the next few months.

“Firstly, the revision of rules governing the organic sector.

“Next is an overhaul of the school food schemes (distribution of fruit, vegetables & fresh milk among school-going children)

“Then, of course, there’s the review of the EU Animal & Plant Health Package. The European Parliament took its position on the Animal health element but failed to do so with regards to the seeds regulation. Many of you contacted me, and indeed I wrote about this law back in February. These proposals have wide-ranging implications on the potential of ordinary growers to have access to the seeds that they need.

“Also of interest are the on-going TTIP free-trade negotiations between the EU-US. The lack of transparency with regards to this agreement is undemocratic and undoubtedly detrimental for the agricultural industry in Wales.

“Finally, the talks on the cultivation of genetically modified crops at member state level. You will know of my opposition to GMOs and to the European approach to this subject, and it is again something on which I expect the new Deputy Agricultural Minister to make clear her opposition.

“As always, I will keep a close eye on proceedings and stand up for Wales at all times, but it falls on the Welsh Government to fight to make sure that their voices are heard around the negotiating table.

“While it is the UK government that hold competency for negotiating on EU matters, on devolved issues, the Welsh government must also engage.

“The new Welsh government ministers must stand up for Wales during negotiations.”

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