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Plaid Cymru council group leader calls for Cardiff LDP to be scrapped


A warning that proposals to develop land will destroy the quality of life of existing communities in Cardiff will be issued at the opening of the Plaid Cymru Spring conference in the city today.

Councillor Neil McEvoy, Leader of the Plaid Cymru Group on Cardiff Council, will open the conference at the Holland House Hotel with hard-hitting criticism of proposals in Cardiff’s Local Development Plan (LDP) to build on greenfield sites and push through controversial transport plans through existing communities.

Councillor McEvoy said: "These proposals, if approved by the council and then Welsh Government, will destroy the quality of life of people in Cardiff.

"You will have a situation where new communities will be created, more cars will be put on the road and diverting a railway through parts of Cardiff West will destroy homes. A two-lane bus highway and one-car traffic along Cowbridge Road East will cause chaos in the west of the city. Also, with almost all the development being crammed into Cardiff, the valleys will die. House builders will have no need to build new houses north of Pontypridd, as they will make far greater profit in Cardiff."

Councillor McEvoy added: "I’m also very worried that the concreting over of large areas of the city will inevitably increase the risk of flooding to communities. It is not a price worth paying. The Welsh Government should throw out the LDP."

"The solution is obvious, just like with economic development, the Welsh Government must adopt a regional approach. In the interim, viable brownfield sites could be used and the thousands of empty homes in South Wales could be renovated. The 10,000 long term empty homes in South East Wales are enough to cater for every family on the housing list in Cardiff."

Councillor McEvoy told delegates that Plaid Cymru was increasing support in the city, indicated by swings of up to 12% in recent by-elections in the capital.

"When Labour last ran this city, the Party of Wales was not on the radar, nowadays we are an increasingly big player. Our successful campaigns with the communities of this city demonstrate that."

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