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Plaid Cymru congratulates students on their A level and Welsh Baccalaureate results


Plaid Cymru has congratulated students on their A Level and Welsh Baccalaureate results today.

The Party of Wales Shadow Minister for Education, Skills and the Welsh Language Simon Thomas said:

"These young people deserve to be congratulated on their results. These results mark the fruition of two years of hard work, and many of them have studied incredibly hard to reach their potential. We should also pay tribute to our teachers – many of whom go above and beyond the call of duty to support students in their economic endeavours.

"However, the Welsh Government has work to do ensure that future employers and universities can have confidence in Wales’ educational standards. For this reason I am glad that the government will implement Plaid Cymru’s proposals to establish an independent regulatory exam body in Qualifications Wales.

"These students will today begin to think about their futures in earnest, and it is the Welsh Government’s duty now to create the environment where there are highly skilled jobs available for the next generation of Welsh employees."

Plaid Cymru South West Wales AM Bethan Jenkins, a member of the Children, Young People and Education committee added:

"After celebrating with their friends, families and teachers students will now be planning their next stage of their life – perhaps continuing their education or entering the world of work.

"It is crucial young people get clear and unbiased advice. The advice should include information on apprenticeships as well as more traditional academic courses. The Party of Wales in government would build on the success of the budget deal with the Welsh Government which created 5,500 new apprenticeship opportunities.

"Plaid Cymru welcomes the setting up of Qualifications Wales as an independent exam regulator free from the hands of Welsh Ministers. This will ensure standards are high and the credibility of qualifications from Wales.

"A Plaid Cymru government would ensure qualifications for 14-19 year olds GCSEs, A Levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate would have increased relevance and provide a more accurate indication of pupils’ skills so qualifications from Wales would be more portable and credible."

"One concern Plaid Cymru has is that the implementation of the qualifications review is being rushed through without regard for the forthcoming new curriculum for Wales."

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